Greek islands - Cyclades, Dodecanese, Sporades, Aegean, Ionian, Saronic

Greek islands groups

The islands in Greece are among the most beautiful and unique islands in the world. They are extremely important for the economy and in particular for tourism in Greece and are among the top destinations in Europe.

Each year they are visited by millions of tourists from around the world.

The Greek islands are divided into several major groups of islands:

* The Cyclades (Cyclades) - a group of islands in the central region of the Aegean Sea. Among the largest and most famous among them are Santorini (Thera, Thira), Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Kimolos, Amorgos, Andros, Milos, Sifnos, Syros, Tinos ...

* The Dodecanese islands (Dodecanese) or Southern Sporades - located near the southeastern coast of Turkey. Among the most famous of them are Rhodes, Patmos, Kos, Leros ...

* The Aegean islands (also known as North Aegean Islands) - separate islands in the North Aegean Sea, which are formed as a physical group, but are often grouped under the general term for tourist or administrative purposes. The largest among them are Lesbos (the third largest island in Greece with an area of 1630 square km), Thassos, Samos, Chios, Ikaria, Lemnos and Samothraki.

* The Sporades Islands (Sporades) - an archipelago that sits in the Aegean Sea on the east coast of Greece. Located northeast of the island of Euboea - the largest island in the Aegean Sea and the second largest in population island in Greece with an area of 3680 square km. The Island group consists of 24 islands, including the island of Alonissos, Skiathos, Skopelos and Skyros.

* Ionian Islands - the group is in the Ionian Sea with total area of 2300 square kilometers. It consists of 6 large islands - Corfu (also known as Kerkira), Zakynthos (Zante), Lefkada (Leucas), Kefalonia (Cephalonia), Ithaki or Ithaca, Kythira (Cythera) and numerous smaller islands.

* The Saronic Islands (Argo-Saronic Islands) - an archipelago located in the Saronic Gulf in the near Peloponnese Peninsula.Some of them are the islands of Aegina, Salamis, Paros and Hydra.

* Crete (Crete island) - the largest island in Greece with an area of over 8000 km² that is located in the southernmost part of Greece.

Greek islands beaches

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